Our Company

FP was established in 2012 to deliver high-end integrity due diligence on business partners, agents and investment targets. Today, we are a diversified provider of compliance advisory services, including third-party risk management, ESG risk analysis and in-house assessment training.

We pride ourselves in doing more than just helping clients tick boxes. We turn data into insights that inform your business strategy, negotiations and risk management.

Our expertise lies in the EMEA and LATAM regions: Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. Unlike larger consulting firms, our senior partners are practitioners and are directly involved in every project, providing insight and context as well as advice for risk mitigation. With more than a decade of experience - each partner having learned the trade as a research analyst - we are experts in obtaining and evaluating information in our respective regions.

Our long-standing clients know and value that they can trust FP to operate in a highly ethical manner. We do not collect information that our clients should not be in possession of, nor do we engage in controversial projects for questionable clients.

Our headquarters in Berlin and European satellite offices in Copenhagen, Munich and London bring us uniquely close to our clients. With an office and Partner based in Johannesburg, FP is one of the only risk consultancies with a permanent local presence in Africa, not just a branch office.

When our clients require assistance in Asia-Pacific, we work with our long-standing and trusted local partners, who have developed the same decades-long regional consulting experience as we have in EMEA and Latin America. The result is an industry-leading ratio between cost and quality.

Ethics as a guiding principle

As a business, we aim to act according to the values we help our clients achieve: integrity, transparency and ethical conduct. This is reflected in the work we do for clients and in our everyday operations.

We take an ethical and legal approach to research and investigations, exhausting what is publicly available but not crossing boundaries that infringe on the privacy of individuals or the trade secrecy of companies. When we collect reputational information, we only ask questions that are legitimately in the commercial interests of our clients.

As for our own third parties, we treat them with the same caution that we apply to those we screen for our clients: FP conducts due diligence on external consultants and subcontractors, ensuring that the partners who assist us in our work adhere to the same high standards we do.

By the same token, Frank Partners refuses to work for clients we consider unethical - as decided by our FP Risk Committee. 

As a company, we observe a code of conduct that provides for integrity, diversity, as well as fair and ethical behaviour at all our offices.

Our Senior Team