Some of the most powerful markets in the world are found in the Asia-Pacific region. Not only are our clients selling and exporting to the region, but they have operational dependency on manufacturing and suppliers across China, the Philippines and Indonesia. FP's experience working in the region is based on many years of due diligence and investigations for mostly Western clients operating from China to Malaysia to India and even more challenging markets such as Myanmar.

FP's in-house experience is complemented by working with local partner firms who have similar backgrounds and experience as FP in that they are compliance experts with a local presence in the region.

Our partners deliver contextualised advice and critical insight through their network of contacts and sources in the region.

FP regularly consults its clients on environmental-, social- and governance- risks in the APAC region, whether concerning the origins of supplier materials or the use of agents to obtain operating licences from public officials. Our clients operating in Africa also rely on FP to advise on the reputations of their Chinese partners on mining and infrastructure projects. Contact Jakob

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Jakob Ravnborg - Managing Partner

Jakob is head of FP's Copenhagen and London offices and the Managing Partner responsible for projects in Western and Northern Europe. Jakob advises Scandinavian corporates and financial institutions on how to enhance their compliance programmes with a particular emphasis on global due diligence frameworks. Jakob also works closely with private equity firms, hedge funds and financial institutions investing in Western Europe. Read more

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