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We founded FP to offer our clients solutions based on high-quality research, reliable intelligence-gathering and contextual analysis - be it integrity due diligence on a joint-venture partner, market entry analysis, or supporting law firms with collecting evidence and tracing assets.

We have charted billionaires' offshore empires, screened Fortune-100 executives and helped detect a debtor's funds tucked away inside a balance sheet or on a distant beachfront.

Today FP offers a suite of services tailored to our clients' worldwide needs, helping map their risks and navigate regulations (such as FCPA, UK Bribery Act or UN Global Compact) and ensure best practice - we keep our clients one step ahead.

FP pioneers smart compliance - we do not believe in ticking boxes. While our corporate clients struggle, like everyone else, to mitigate against risks stemming from their thousands of third parties, they understand that a one-size-fits-all software solution cannot provide all the answers they need.

At the same time, compliance and ESG risks are inherent not just in third parties but can also be acquired via mergers and acquisitions: by acquiring a company, you equally obtain its associated integrity, human rights, environmental and governance risks. FP helps evaluate risks before a partnership and continue to advise on how to mitigate once inside the partnership.

By providing due diligence research training, our clients are empowered to carry out research according to industry standards and best practice. Instead of ticking the box by outsourcing all their checks to high-cost, low-quality data providers that produce false positives, our clients can keep the basic screenings in-house. This frees up resources for especially high-risk third parties and M&A situations that really call for external expertise.

FP is also setting trends in fields that still lack established methodologies: using our skills of intelligence-gathering and local contextual knowledge, FP enables its clients to tackle issues such as human rights, labour rights, corporate social responsibility as well as challenges relating to public procurement in emerging markets.

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