Our Company

Frank Partners was established in 2012 to meet a growing demand for integrity due diligence on companies' business partners, agents and investment targets.

Our expertise lies in the EMEA region: Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Having learned the trade as research analysts a decade ago, we are experts in obtaining and contextually analyzing information in our respective regions.

Our headquarters in Berlin and European satellite offices in London, Copenhagen and Munich bring us uniquely close to our clients. With an office and Partner based in Johannesburg, FP is one of the only risk consultancies with a permanent local representation in Africa, not just a branch office. We create value for clients by sticking to our core expertise: research and intelligence-gathering in the EMEA region.

When our clients require assistance in Asia-Pacific or Latin America, we connect them with our long-standing and trusted local partners, who have developed the same decades-long regional industry experience as we have in EMEA. The result is an industry-leading ratio between cost and quality.

Whilst integrity due diligence remains a core requirement for our clients, demand has increased for FP's other service areas: political risk, strategic intelligence, stakeholder analysis, litigation support and asset tracing.

Most recently, FP has been training the internal compliance teams of its corporate and banking clients in research & analysis skills as well as implementing anti-corruption measures.

Our Methodology

Our Senior Team