Our Services

We founded FP to provide our core expertise of research, intelligence-gathering and analysis, be it conducting integrity due diligence on a joint-venture partner or supporting law firms with collecting evidence and tracing assets. We have charted billionaires' offshore empires, screened Fortune-100 executives and helped detect a debtor's funds tucked away inside a balance sheet – or on a distant beachfront.

Today FP offers a suite of services tailored to our clients' worldwide needs, helping map their business risks and navigate anti-corruption and anti-money laundering regulation.

FP's customised frameworks for worldwide Know-Your-Customer and agent checks allow our clients to categorise and manage unforeseen risks in their client pool and sales activities in a sensitive and cost-efficient manner. Our political risk analysis and stakeholder mapping ensures that our clients are one step ahead when entering or growing in new markets, equipped with the knowledge of where the real risks and opportunities lie.

FP is also pioneering the field of human rights due diligence and internal compliance capacity building and investigative research training, to which our clients have responded dynamically.